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The true value of networking isn’t  the number of people you meet but the quality of the relationships you build

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Are you looking for a better way to develop your network and grow your business? 6° has launched exclusive Referral Groups that are comprised of vetted professionals who are serious about advancing their careers through meaningful relationships with trusted peers.

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The value of your network

For professional services providers, their network is one of their most valuable assets. The value of the relationships built through meaningful connections can be huge. Learn more about how networking just got cooler, 6° cooler.

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6° Referral Groups

Referral Groups are comprised of professional service providers from a variety of industries who come together twice a month to connect and grow as professionals and as people.  The groups are focused on facilitating relationship building which in turn leads to warm introductions from people who know, like, and trust one another.  

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Community Events

There are a variety of events each month that provide value to our members from networking events, to Lunch & Learns, to webinars on best business practices across a wide variety of pertinent topics.  Many of these events are also available to the general public at a fee but are included in 6° membership fees.

6° Events